Monday, September 24, 2012

here are some websites that are helpful to librarians. this website is offered by the publishing department of the American Library Association.  It’s a subscription based newsletter that offers reports on current and up and coming technology in libraries.  this website is also a division of ALA and offers a variety of programs regarding library technology aimed at different types of libraries.  It also offers peer reviewed articles, scholarships and advocacy for library issues.  this website offers guidance regarding automation in libraries of all types of materials including print, electronic, multimedia, and interactive.  It includes news reports, blogs, and webcasts. is the website for Library Technologies, Inc. (LTI) which offers information on the technological tools and services used and needed in libraries.    This is a Library of Congress blog about technology. A good reference to check periodically to see what LOC is doing in the technology field.  This website provides information that is pertinent to libraries and non-profits.  In addition to a blog and networking, they offer training, equipment and donation information.  this company, Innovative Interfaces, provides automation support and information to libraries in the US and around the world.  This website is not geared specifically to libraries but will keep one up-to-date on new technology, its uses, advantages and disadvantages.  This is a department of ALA that guides libraries on use, policies and laws concerning technology. This web address is a good place to start a search on any type of technology for a myriad of purposes.